Police Department

Police Chief

Chief James Davis

Chief James Davis has been with Franklin Springs since October 2020. Jim came to us with a wealth of knowledge and a vision for departmental growth and operation capability. Since coming on-board, Chief Davis has refreshed and updated the department vehicles, uniforms, and some of the equipment that officers use on a daily bases. His vision is to provide 24 hour coverage for the citizens of Franklin Springs with up-to-date equipment and training of the officers under his charge. The vision continues by becoming the bastion against criminal activity in his theater of operation and surrounding areas. To fulfill his promise to his constituents, Chief Davis is always looking for ways to build the police department into one that will be a model agency for others to emulate. The officers who choose to work with Franklin Springs Police Department undergo a rigorous background check, psychological and physical testing, and an interview with the Chief which helps to ensure quality officers serving the public.

Prior to joining the law enforcement community, Jim served over 20 years in and retired from the United States Marine Corps. During his time in the Corps, he served in commands around the world as an instructor, advisor, terrorist expert, combat and training liaison officer, and Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Warfare expert. Jim has been recognized by his superiors for his dedication to the Marine Corps, acuteness in situational surroundings, and operation readiness. He has been awarded several medals from NATO, and the United Nations for his role in peace keeping actions and several Marine Corps medals for actions in combat situations. He has also been recognized by generals for his roles in combat readiness evaluations and terrorist infiltration attempts on posts worldwide. One award was presented to Mr. Davis by a United States Air Force General for aiding an Air Force command in their time of need.

Chief Davis has earned a Bachelor’s degree and a Masters as well. 

Police Officer Kevin Thompson

Officer Thompson

Officer Kevin Thompson started his law enforcement career in 1999. During his professional career, Thompson graduated several advance courses to included Fire Inspection School, Fire Brigade Training, Basic Boot Camp, Advance Boot Camp, and the Civilian Drill Instructor School held at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. Thompson worked on details for Governors’ Barnes and Perdue, and for the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. In 2007 Thompson moved to the University of Georgia Police Department. Thompson excelled at UGA becoming a senior training officer at the University. From 2013 to 2017, Thompson served as one of two officers in the University Crime Prevention Unit. Thompson earned four Command Staff Awards during his tour at UGA.

Thompson is a graduate of both the Campus Crime Prevention Training Course, and the Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Course conducted by the National Crime Prevention Council. He has advance training in land search management, child passenger safety, and sexual assault investigations and is a graduate of the Leadership in Police Organizations curriculum of the International Association of Chiefs of Police.

In 2017 Thompson moved to Hartwell Police Department where he started a community safety campaign in which he placed monthly safety ads in the Hartwell Sun. In 2021 Thompson came to Franklin Springs Police Department and knew how his training would be immediately used.

Recently, Officer Thompson was sent to a high-level school which made him a LASO officer over cyber and physical security of city property. By utilizing his training and skills, Thompson has saved lives and successfully prosecuted those who have violated the law. Thompson averages 70 hours of professional training per year and is a few credits short of earning his bachelor’s degree.

Police Officer John Jordan

Officer Jordan

Officer John Jordan has officially retired from law enforcement. Jordan was and will continue to be a viable part of Franklin Springs Police Department. John was extremely knowledgeable in his job and was well know in our community as a hard worker but also a hand in time of need. Jordan retired from GA DNR prior to working with our city.